Archaic Laws Governing Women’s Reproductive Rights Repealed by Rep. Gordon, Legislature

Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford) recently joined his colleagues in the Legislature to pass legislation repealing unconstitutional laws that impose criminal penalties for such health and family care treatment as abortion and contraception in Massachusetts. With an uncertain future for federal action on landmark reproductive rights, Massachusetts took decisive action to protect the rights for women across the Commonwealth. The bill was signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker on Friday, July 27, 2018

“I was proud to join my colleagues in standing up for the rights of women throughout the Commonwealth as the Legislature passed this bill to protect a woman’s access to reproductive healthcare. That access is put in jeopardy when we leave archaic laws on the books” said Rep. Gordon

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Rep. Gordon, Legislature Send Final FY19 Budget to Governor Baker

The Bedford Citizen

Senator Michael Barrett (D-Lexington) and Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford) joined their colleagues in the Legislature to send a final version of the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) budget to the Governor on Wednesday following a conference committee report submitted on Wednesday morning. In addition to funding important programs and services throughout the Commonwealth, the House FY19 budget included important local aid and Chapter 70 Education funding increases for the Town of Bedford, as well as $517,000 for the education of the children of military families who live at Hanscom Air Force Base.

Bedford received $4,832,310, a $207,668 increase over FY18.  Shawsheen Valley Technical High School, which educates Bedford students, received $6,431,361, a $40,110 increase over FY18.  In addition, Bedford received $1,186,907, a $40,137 increase over FY18.

“I’m delighted that the Commonwealth has maintained its commitment to Bedford’s residents,” said Gordon.  “This budget shows a continued commitment to our state’s priorities and to our cities and towns.”

For the fifth consecutive year, the legislature will contribute to the expenses of the education of students who attend Bedford High School and live at Hanscom.  The expenses for these students are not otherwise covered by town taxes.  The budget item was a priority for Sen. Barrett, who made sure the commitment was reflected in the Senate budget, and to Rep. Gordon, who filed a successful amendment to the House budget to add the funding.  The line item also appears in the governor’s budget, giving the legislators a reason for confidence that it will remain in the FY19 budget.

“In properly reimbursing Bedford for educating the children who live on base,” Senator Barrett said, “the Legislature is acknowledging and strengthening the connection between local public education and military families.  We should do no less”.

“I am thrilled that funds were included in the FY19 budget to support so that Bedford can continue to provide a fantastic education to our military students, without the town residents bearing the full financial impact,” said Rep. Gordon.

Rep. Gordon Joins House Colleagues in Support of Addiction Resources Act


Earlier this week, State Representative Ken Gordon joined his colleagues in favor of passing a bill to engage the opioid epidemic.

The House approved the Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency (CARE) Act, addressing the issue of opioid addiction in the state of Massachusetts. The CARE Act includes a number of provisions to improve the treatment of opioid addiction and prevent drug abuse. The bill includes prescription reforms to help officials better supervise opioid use, and increases access to anti-opioid overdose drugs such as Naloxone or Narcan.

“This bill with help our residents battling opioid addiction, and keep these dangerous drugs out of the reach of our families,” Rep. Gordon said.

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Rep. Gordon Votes in Favor of Legislation to Create Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts

The Bedford Citizen

Representative Ken Gordon joined his colleagues in the House to pass legislation creating an efficient and streamlined automatic voter registration (AVR) system, while also protecting the privacy of individuals.

This legislation directs the Secretary of State to work with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and MassHealth to automatically enroll eligible individuals to the Commonwealth’s voter rolls. The Secretary of State will adopt regulations governing the AVR system, including provisions requiring electronic transmission, data security protocols, and integration with online portals.

“This legislation is especially important now given the recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling that certain restrictions on access to the ballot are constitutional. It is important that we remove barriers and allow any person qualified to vote access to the ballot. Above all, we live in a democracy and the right to vote is critical” said Rep. Ken Gordon.

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