Rep. Gordon talks transportation with the Planning Board


BURLINGTON – State Rep. Kenneth Gordon (D-Bedford) recently visited the Planning Board to update them on the state of transportation in Burlington.

Rep. Gordon’s district includes Burlington.

As Rep. Gordon said to the start discussion, he was in front of the planners to update them on the state of transportation and how it’s affecting Massachusetts and Burlington.

He started off by detailing the “bad news” which chiefly focused on the lack of money available for transportation projects.

“We have been dealing with a deficit with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Operating Budget for a while,” informed Rep, Gordon. “Large amounts of money are hard to come by, but [Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker] is continuing to look into it.”

Rep. Gordon mentioned the “new transportation plan” devised by the White House limits the amount of funds for industrialized states, which includes Massachusetts. As has always been the case, the Federal Government grants autonomy to states to run their transportation programs.

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