Rep. Gordon files 19 bills to open session

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Posted Feb 20, 2017 

Ending an exhaustive first month of the legislative session, state Rep. Ken Gordon, D-Bedford, introduced 19 bills and co-sponsored dozens more as Beacon Hill buckles down to an important new session.

Among the bills filed by Gordon is legislation that will shield ratepayers from unwarranted gas pipeline expansion costs by preventing utilities companies from passing the costs of building or expanding gas pipelines onto consumers in the form of fees. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled in 2016 that this practice is illegal and the legislation would codify the ruling.
“This is one step in the process of protecting rate-payers from expansion of gas lines that many do not want,” said Gordon. “Coupled with cosponsorship of bills filed by my colleagues that encourage the use and development of renewable energy, we are on the right track.”

Gordon filed bills designed to assist the local economy by attracting high-tech employers and businesses that come with them to the new “Middlesex 3 Corridor.” Joining with state Sen. Ken Donnelly, D-Arlington, whose district includes Burlington, he filed several bills that will expand workforce training opportunities for mid-career workers.

Gordon revised and re-filed his bill calling for a paid family and medical leave program for all Massachusetts workers. This bill would allow workers in Massachusetts to take job-protected paid leave to recover from a serious illness or injury, to care for a seriously ill or injured family member, or to care for a new child. The bill would allow for an employer to the money that may have been used to pay the worker on leave to hire a temporary replacement worker or to provide additional hours to a part-time workers. Gordon traveled to Washington several occasions to work with the federal government and other state legislators to work on the policy.

“I will be spending time this session traveling to Chambers of Commerce across the Commonwealth,” said Gordon, who explained this program at a forum hosted by the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce last session. “When most businesses learn the details of this program, they realize why this is good for workers and it is good for Massachusetts small and high tech business.”

Gordon also filed a bill that is aimed at the prevention of sexual abuse of students in schools and minors served by state agencies, by raising the age of consent in these situations to 19. For veterans, Gordon joined with local advocate Marie Ardito in filing a bill that allows Veterans in public service to use up to four years of active duty service towards pension benefits.

In defense of civil liberties, Gordon filed a bill backed by the ACLU to prevent potential employers and schools from asking applicants for social media passwords as a condition of employment or involvement in school activities. His cosponsored platform supports initiatives to improve public education at all levels, to encourage good government practices, to enhance elder services, to mitigate raising healthcare costs, to protect civil liberties and to reform the criminal justice system.

Once the bills have been assigned to committees, they will each be put before a public hearing. Anyone interested in testifying on behalf of a bill may contact Gordon at

LETTER: Ken Gordon is a ‘shining light’ seniors

LETTER: Ken Gordon is a ‘shining light’ seniors

Wicked Local Burlington
Posted at 2:00 PM,


As a senior citizen, I am most interested and concerned about the race for State Representative. Ken Gordon has been a shining light for us seniors – he meets with us at the senior center or at True North every month to listen to our concerns and to explain his vision for Burlington. He not only does this at election time, he has done it every month for four years. Issues that affect seniors every day: Traffic: Ken worked to get $800,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation to help eliminate the traffic congestion at the intersection of Route 3 and Route 95. Access to Public Transportation: Ken has worked closely with the Middlesex 3 coalition which has been bringing shuttle bus service to our businesses for their employees. Once enough of these shuttles are on the road the plan is to make them available to residents, including seniors. This will be a big help to those of us who do not drive. Senior Housing: Ken arranged a forum on the issue of senior housing, bringing in several speakers to discuss this ever-growing need in our town. He fought for and will continue to fight to get state funds for programs that will help seniors stay in their homes avoiding the expense of nursing homes or assisted-living facilities. Council on Aging: The COA funding was increased by about $50,000 this year. Ken worked to get this done for us. We all know that our senior center can use some updating and Ken will continue to work for State funding for this purpose.

What I really like most about Ken is that he is readily available to take telephone calls, to listen to us seniors and to offer solutions to our issues. He may not have all the answers but he’ll get them and return our calls. I am urging all seniors and those who have not yet become seniors to join with me to re-elect Ken Gordon as our State Representative.

— Janet Bellizia-O’Connell, Leroy Drive

Gordon to run for re-election

Gordon to run for re-election

There are two kinds of legislators on Beacon Hill. Some show up just to talk, some to act. Some wave their fist in righteous indignation as opportunities pass them by; others sit down with colleagues, discuss their differences and get things done.

In my four years in the Legislature I have focused on solving problems rather than making speeches about them. I have listened to your concerns, and addressed them. That is why I enter the coming election season with the momentum of accomplishment. In the past two years, they include the following:

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